Is WordPress a Good Choice?

In this post, I discuss if WordPress is a good choice as a cms.

Like any popular piece of software, wordpress often gets criticised for not being a good choice for your site. As a matter of fact, if you search for “is wordpress good” in Google, you see a lot of negative results in the top 10 blue links (when this post was written).

Disclaimer: I am a WordPress Developer, I create wordpress themes and plugins so my views might come across as slightly biased to some.

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Going Cold Turkey for Self Control

Internet addiction is becoming more and more of a problem these days. I have often found myself on Mashable, Lifehacker, youtube and Facebook during the hours I had allocated to work on my project. Not long ago I took a challenge regarding smart phone addiction. I found that since I stopped the use of smartphones, I was on the non-productive spectrum of the internet quite a lot. Just about a month ago, I decided to block these sites on my office computer and personal laptop. [Read more…]

Smart Phone Addiction

I own an iPhone 4S and for the past month or so it has become apparent to me that the phone is taking over my life. It is a constant distraction as I compulsively check for messages and e-mails. I have been contemplating going cold turkey and giving my phone up. I have had my suspicions that I may be addicted to this mini computer in my pocket. It makes it difficult to stay on task and live in the moment, something I’ve learned over time matters most. I am in the habit of checking for emails every 30 minutes or so. When I finish work, I often find myself staring into the phone screen playing the game Clash of Clans unsure how long it has had my attention. [Read more…]