Going Cold Turkey for Self Control

Internet addiction is becoming more and more of a problem these days. I have often found myself on Mashable, Lifehacker, youtube and Facebook during the hours I had allocated to work on my project. Not long ago I took a challenge regarding smart phone addiction. I found that since I stopped the use of smartphones, I was on the non-productive spectrum of the internet quite a lot. Just about a month ago, I decided to block these sites on my office computer and personal laptop.


Smart Phone Addiction Challenge results

I began a ten day challenge on the 12th of March to determine whether or not I had an addiction to using a smart phone. The ten days are now up and I want to share with you my insights and experiences from this challenge.

A couple of hours into this challenge and I began to realize just how difficult this experience was going to be for me. By 2:41am, I began to feel a desperate longing to hold my little device, yes I am referring to my smart phone here, and just take a quick look. What reason? Probably habit but it really did feel like something was missing from my life.

Cross Compatible CSS based buttons

In this post, I have shared some of the snippets I keep saved to use as css buttons on my projects. All of them are 100% CSS based and if you have added these rules to your global stylesheet, all you’ll have to do to add a button next time would be to just simply add the css class to your link or button element.


Smart Phone Addiction

I own an iPhone 4S and for the past month or so it has become apparent to me that the phone is taking over my life. It is a constant distraction as I compulsively check for messages and e-mails. I have been contemplating going cold turkey and giving my phone up. I have had my suspicions that I may be addicted to this mini computer in my pocket. It makes it difficult to stay on task and live in the moment, something I’ve learned over time matters most. I am in the habit of checking for emails every 30 minutes or so. When I finish work, I often find myself staring into the phone screen playing the game Clash of Clans unsure how long it has had my attention.

Decline of stock photos and why you should avoid them

Ever since coming to Australia and working with Australian websites primarily, I noticed a lot of stock photos around.I have always hated stock photos immensely and have stayed away from them as much as possible but clearly, there was a different design trend going on down under. Just out of curiosity, I looked up if it was just a coincidence – myself getting a lot of maintenance and redesign projects with stock photos or was there some evidence to back it up. Here’s what I found:


Obtained my Domain name, Finally!

I was finally able to obtain my domain name. If you are not from India, you should know that I have a very common name. Apparently this domain had exchanged hands 27 times (not quite sure how accurate this data is). I am quite happy to finally have the ownership of this domain.